Friday, December 28, 2012

Projects from the heart.

I was driving my husband to work one Saturday. As I was sitting waiting for a light to change green. I notice a homeless man walking down the street to my left. He was carrying all his life belongings in a bag. He had his right hand holding his hood to try to block some of the wind from hitting his face.

 Two ladies where walking towards him. One lady handed him a small bag. In a few weeks Christmas was near. It’s cold outside. The homeless man had nothing on his hands. Yet, he had to now carry the extra bag and manage to hold his hood to prevent wind from hitting his face. I thought to myself, why would they do that.

 Now both hands are filled with something. Although he kept walking and holding his hood with a bag in front of his face. It didn’t seem to bother him. I couldn’t get pass him having nothing on his hands to help keep them warm.

 I want to knit 25 pairs of fingerless for the homeless. Why fingerless? Fingerless so they can move their fingers at free will. Mittens are too bundled. No need for them to take it off to do something.
I am going to need a little help. I am asking for a ball of yarn with 200yds or more, and scrap yarn that isn’t RED HEART YARN(s).

You can contact me via email if you want to help me. After I make theses fingerless in Nov 2013. I will walk DC to pass them out. I hope to make more than 25 but that is my minimum.